Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation is a competitive market all over the world, and specially in Turkey, which is the No.1 attractive place for people who intend to undergo hair transplant surgery.


Highly equipped hospitals , experienced surgeons and the continuous technical innovation, these three main factors besides many other details allow Turkey to take an honorable place in the world’s hair transplant market.

Hair transplant at

Resmile clinic

When deciding to have a hair transplant, the most critical step is determining which medical center has the greatest experience in this sector.
And, among the growing number of hair transplant clinics in Turkey, we at Resmile clinic are putting our knowledge to work for you so that you may get the desired results under the supervision of the most competent specialists in the hair transplant area.

Before surgery

Is hair transplant the right solution for you ?

Our experienced medical advisors in Resmile clinic will contact you first and check your case and decide if hair transplant is the right solution for you.

Sometimes you may be wrong that hair transplantation is the solution to your problem and it all can be solved by a medical treatment.

Here are some factors help in determining the right solution for you :
● Hair loss reason
● The Age of the candidate
● Health status of the candidate
● Hair Characteristics
These factors vary from case to another, so you need to ensure that hair transplant is the solution for you before undergoing hair restoration surgery.
In Resmile clinic, our doctors will advise you honestly whether this procedure works well for you or not.

Before surgery

Preparing for Hair transplant

Before the hair transplant surgery there are some points you will discuss with our surgeons such as:

  • Your medical history , like your medical problems, previous surgeries, and medicines you are using.
  • Doctor will examine your scalp and make a blood test.
  • The doctor will decide which technique he will use depending on your case.

After that the doctor will explain to you all the instructions which you must follow after the surgery.
At Resmile clinic, we have the best surgeons in the hair transplant field. Beside an experienced medical crew and highly equipped hospital.

Hair transplant techniques

There are two main techniques used for hair transplant surgery

Follicular Unit Transplant ( FUT )
This is an old technique of hair transplantation, and it lost its validity after the appearance of
new techniques.

Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE )
FUE is the commonly used technique nowadays , and there are many types of it :

  • Classic FUE
  • Sapphire FUE
  • Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

At Resmile clinic, we offer you all hair transplant techniques and help you choose the better one for your case

Do you need more details?

our experienced medical consultants are here for you
Hair transplant techniques

Classic FUE

In this technique, the surgeon removes every hair follicle individually from the donor
area (the area which we take hair from).
Then after collecting the needed number of hair follicles , the surgeon inserts them into
small cuts made in the blade area by tiny steel blades.
And it is important to mention that the complete surgery is done under non-painful local

Hair transplant techniques

Sapphire FUE

Sapphire is a new technique of FUE which follows the same steps and The only difference between it and classic FUE is that the tiny blade surgeon uses during the process of creating incisions within the blade area is made from a precious stone called Sapphire.
And because of the special properties of it ; The small incisions made by Sapphire blades are micro and regular.

So, the surgeon can make closer incisions in the blade area which result in more intense hair coverage.

And it is important to mention that the complete surgery is done under non-painful local anesthesia.

Hair transplant techniques

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

DHI also is a new type of FUE technique.

The main difference between it and the classic FUE is that the surgeon will implant every hair follicular in the receipt area directly after extracting it; using a device called CHOI pen.
The main feature of this type is that it doesn’t have hair to be cut in the donor area which makes it suitable for women.
And it is important to mention that the complete surgery is done under non-painful local anesthesia.

After hair transplant

After the surgery our doctor will explain everything you need to know in your recovery days and give you a list of instructions to follow at this time .
After around two weeks, the planted hair will start falling, and new hair will grow, and in about 4-6 months the new hair covers the treated area, then in the 8th month after the surgery you will get the final result of hair transplant surgery.


Hair transplant FAQ

Head hair – Beard – Eyebrows – Mustache

There is no season limitation.

 One session is enough, mostly.

 As the hair transplant is preceded by a medical examination and ensures sterile
conditions so there are no such risks.

No, the new hair is totally natural hair and will grow healthily throughout the lifecycle.

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